Hebron Youth Spectra is a youth ministry of Hebron Bible-Presbyterian Church. We seek to win youth with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and build multiplying disciples to help fulfil the Great Commission.

Join us if you are between 13-20 years old.


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Hebron Youth Spectra was officially launched on 16 July 1995. The age group of the youth ministry is from 13-19 years of age. The mission statement of the Youth Spectra is, " To win youths with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to build multiply disciples to help fulfill the Great Commission."

Our Distinction

The name, Youth Spectra, symbolises many youths giving out light; shinning for Jesus. The word "spectra" is the plural of the word "spectrum". Each of the seven colours of the spectrum represents a desired distinctive of our youth.
      • Red - Radiate the love of God
      • Orange - Operationally ready
      • Yellow - Yield in obedience
      • Green - Go tell the Good News
      • Blue - Bonded in the Spirit
      • Indigo - Immerse in the Word of God
      • Violet - Victorious in Christ
Theme for 1999-2000 "One Heart And Mind for Christ: Unity that testifies" John 17:20-21

One Heart & One Mind = Union with Christ, Unity with Believers, & Unity in Reaching Out

Objectives for 1999-2000:

1) To deepen our relationship with God through worship, prayer and Q.T.
2) To foster a sense of belonging among Hebron Youth through youth programme.
3) To reach out to Non-Christian youth through evangelistic meeting, witnessing and life-style.

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